National Pastime III is a simulation baseball game based on Bill Staffa's NP3 Cards and Dice tabletop game. The application will run on a Windows PC or on a Mac running Parallels.

View a YouTube video demonstrating how the game is played.
YouTube Link

Download a fully functioning demo and try out the application.
Full Functioning Demo Link

NP III - Current Version (12/17/2019)
NP III version
Update Instructions (PDF)
Update Instructions (Video)

What's new in version (PDF)
What's new in version (PDF)
What's new in version (PDF)
What's new in version (PDF)
New - Roster Management (Video)

What's new in version (PDF)
Transactions Part 1 (Video)
Transactions Part 2 (Video)

Transaction Files (How to use Transaction Files)
2018 Transactions (complete with dates)
1894, 1897, and 1900 to 2018 Transactions (trade dates missing)

Changes to version

For 2016 season purchasers - Updated 2016 scx file (download and replace existing SKS_2016.scx file)
For 1993 season purchasers - Updated 1993 scx file (download and replace existing SKS_1993.scx file)

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